As a candidate for the City Council 5th District, I thought you might want to learn more about me, so that you will feel comfortable I represent your needs when I ask you for your vote.

As a longtime resident of West Duluth, I grew up in the Irving neighborhood, the oldest in a family of five.  I am married and have two sons.  Additionally, I am a mom, mother-in-law, grandmom to five, great-grandmom to 11 and aunt to many.  Family is a treasure, and I treasure mine, just as I will treasure your family as I work tirelessly to advocate on your behalf.

I am retired, and my retired avocation is a community and neighborhood promoter, some would say troubleshooter, I wouldn’t disagree.

Currently, I am a board member of Irving Recreation and Events Association working with the city parks and recreation department to bring a much needed toddler playground addition to Irving Park.

I enjoy reading, ancestry research, antiques/collectibles and junk hunts.

The most memorable community event for me, to date, was serving as a committee person for the West Duluth Centennial.  However, I believe being elected to the Duluth City Council 5th district and representing the citizens of Western Duluth will be the most humble honor I could achieve.  My many years of community activism have positioned me to serve you best, I look forward to, and am up to, the challenge.