Responsible priority spending of tax dollars for the needs of Duluth first, wants are not a priority.  Raising additional taxes and fees are not solutions, enough is enough.


We need new innovative housing development for people who are moving to Duluth, and those that want to move to larger or smaller housing options, therefore, will increase the tax base having much more housing available that is affordable to young people and young families.

Public Safety

Support law enforcement, firefighters, and first responders work to support a policy regarding the opioid epidemic, encourage programs for communications with youth and have more police presence in western Duluth that also includes Bayview Heights.

Economic Development

I will support economic development that provides good higher wages that will increase employment for Duluthians. Support young businesses so there is a positive attitude necessary for keeping business in Duluth. Businesses large and small create tax revenue to help pay for the needs of Duluth.  Western Duluth has the …