A lifetime of fighting for Western Duluth

Western Duluth has been my lifelong home, and the connection I feel to the community here is strong. I’ve spent a lifetime fighting to make Western Duluth a great place for families and businesses – that means good paying jobs, housing suitable for families, safe neighborhoods, and leadership that is willing to speak up for the often overlooked Western portion of Duluth.

Here is a brief look at how I’ve fought for Western Duluth:

  • Duluth  Planning Commission (4-year term)
  • Western Lake Superior Sanitary District  Board,  Duluth representative  (9 year term)
  • West Duluth Business Club  Board member, president (2 terms) 
  • Irving Community Club Member, Board Member (35+yrs)
  • Contract execution of  Housing matching grant rehabilitation and Home Start new construction home programs for Spirit Valley Citizens Neighborhood Development Association(SVCNDA)(13 years)  
  • Resource person for the Ramsey Village Plan.  Worked with Developer for the construction of the Ramsey Village Townhouses.
  • Neighborhood representative for the St Louis River Interlake/Duluth TarSite Super Fund (10+years) https://www.pca.state.mn.us/waste/st-louis-river-interlakeduluth-tar-site
  • Stakeholder committee member for WPAN  (Western Port Area Neighborhood ), Identify brownfield areas plan for Irving and Fairmount neighborhoods. http://www.duluthmn.gov/media/542086/ifbrp-formerly-wpan-market-and-economic-analysis_final-09-01-16.pdf
  • Board of Zoning Appeals